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March 30, 2005

Brave New World: Time Hath Found Us

This post is copied from my other blog: The Lifeguard. - T.S.

If you are reading this chances are that you are a parent. The very fact that you have visited this site demonstrates that you take your responsibility seriously and you want to protect your child(ren) from harm.

I too am a parent. My wife and I have three children -- two girls and a boy. Our oldest daughter is 27 and married with two children of her own. Daughter number two is 18 and attending college. Our son is 11 and in the fifth grade. For the last 27 years as parents we have gone through good times and bad but the one constant has been that we are always there for our kids. I've been the "B of D" (Bank of Dad) for all of them. Even when we couldn't afford it we have given all to the kids to guide them on their way to being responsible, respectful adults. There is no power on Earth which could have prevent us from helping them when they needed it or if they asked for help. I am sure you are no different.

Try to imagine a world where it became illegal to step in and help your child. It isn't very hard to do. That world is upon us this very day. Aside from every other issue regarding the shameful (yes that is a word in modern English) treatment of Terri Schindler-Shiavo, what hits home for me is that her parents have been prevented from exercising the most basic human responsibility -- caring for their child. Not only that, these parents are being forced to stand back and watch as their precious daughter is murdered in slow motion by the state.

I am older than most of you reading this and my education took place in a very different world than what you may have experienced. I was in the fifth grade when I learned what the word euthanasia meant. That was a world where there was no "right-to-die" mantra -- it had yet to be invented. I remember vividly when my teacher told us about it. The entire class was dumbfounded that such a concept had its own word. We all said that nobody would ever do something like that. At that time, our observation was true. The very idea of euthanasia was anathema to our culture. The reason I remember this episode so vividly is because of what our teacher said that day. She said that in our lifetime euthanasia would become accepted unless we stood up and resisted it. The responsibility was ours. That was a very profound statement to an 11 year old, indeed, it is a very profound statement to an adult living today. The point of this post is not to pile accusations and curses on those who consider state mandated murder appropriate.

The point is to remind all of you parents, grand parents, aunts, uncles and future parents that the responsibility for the children and the helpless around us is still ours. Wake up. Take the little extra time to delve below the ten second sound bytes. Edmind Burke said it well: "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." Some good starting points for digging are here, here, here and here.