blog Time Hath Found Us: ACLU Attack Poodle: "I felt judged."

April 21, 2005

ACLU Attack Poodle: "I felt judged."

Boo Hoo.

The ACLU is now claiming that "Public libraries in Rhode Island are inconsistent in applying a federal law designed to protect children from viewing explicit material on the Internet." Sounds like they are concerned that children might be exposed to vile pornography on the computers in a PUBLIC library. We all know better than that. This is about a Rhode Island library where the ACLU attack poodle couldn't turn off the porn blocker.

The incident went as follows:

... staff denied a request by an ACLU employee for the blocking software to be removed for a search on "nudism."

"She insinuated that I was looking at porn," said Amy Myrick of the ACLU. "I felt judged."

I wonder if she did this before going into the library to work up the courage to be judged.

The ACLU and the ALA (American Library Association) are dead set against internet filters in TAX FUNDED PUBLIC libraries. On my other blog, The Lifeguard, I have written quite a bit about the intransigence of the ALA and their disdain for protecting children from the absolute worst things humanity has to offer.

Some more examples of the ALA at work can be found here, here, here, here and here.