blog Time Hath Found Us: An Idiot's Joy in Oregon

April 29, 2005

An Idiot's Joy in Oregon

The headline: "Joy in gallery as Portland quits FBI task force."

They may not have won any new friends in Washington D.C., but Portland City Council members heard mostly kudos from their constituents Thursday as they officially ended the Portland Police Bureau's involvement in the FBI-led Joint Terrorism Task Force.

As expected, the City Council voted 4-1 to reassign the two Portland officers serving on the local, state and federal anti-terror team back to the Police Bureau within 90 days.

The great state of Oregon was once a typical western state. A state where personal freedom and independence was cherished and there were few laws which impeded the pioneer spirit of its citizens. Not any more. It should come as no surprise that the ACLU has its nasty hands in this matter. Where the ACLU goes, the personal freedoms of average citizens are sacrificed to feed the debauchery of terrorists, criminals and Planned Parenthood.

The American Civil Liberties Union has filed Freedom of Information Act requests in 10 states, including Oregon, in an attempt to discover whether task forces have been used to spy on people. Critics of the task force concept, and Portland's participation, point to examples of egregious behavior elsewhere, such as the Fresno, Calif., case in which a local sheriff's deputy went undercover to infiltrate an anti-war group.

The ACLU hopes Portland's decision sparks similar debates elsewhere. Potter invited representatives of the ACLU to sit in on his negotiations with the federal government. And for civil libertarians, Thursday's vote marked a victory after five years of work to open up the task force's files or remove Portland's officers.

"This is pretty much what we've been asking for all along," said Dan Handelman, co-founder of the police watchdog group Portland Copwatch. "Overall in taking this action, you are setting a national trend. This is a great moment in our history and in our country's history." [emphasis added: TS]

This is a pathetic display of elected public official incompetence. Beware, what is happening in Oregon will happen to all of us should good people not cry out and demand that the madness be stopped.