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April 25, 2005

Misleading Scare Headline on Adult Stem Cells: "Adult Cells Cancer Threat"


"Cry havoc, and let slip the dogs of war!" The onslaught against the intrinsic value of human life goes on without respite. In spite of the total lack of success using embryonic stem cells the Death's Head Brigade continues to push for more experimentation using stem cells harvested from aborted babies.

To this point language has been the primary weapon used to try to convince the general public of the "importance" of the use of public funding to research embryonic stem cells. When the Death's Head Brigade talks of stem cells they conveniently omit the distinction between adult and embryonic stem cells. When they speak of stem cells it is always implied that they are talking about aborted-baby stem cells.

The tactic now seems to be to discredit the stunningly successful use of adult stem cells which are obtained from healthy adults with no danger of harm to the donors.

In research published in the New Scientist, the Spanish scientists have shown that if adult cells are cultivated long past the stage at which they are normally used for research, they can be induced to form tumours. A team at the Autonomous University of Madrid grew the cells for up to eight months and then transplanted into animals where the oldest of the cells formed cancerous growths. The BBC, a long time supporter of both cannibalistic embryo research and abortion, however, declined to mention until the middle of the story that the researchers themselves thought the threat of cancer with adult cells is only 'theoretical.'

Perhaps the following paragraph sheds some light on the reason for the Death's Head Brigade's increased level of hysteria.

While embryonic stem cells have not yielded any successful disease therapy, in the last few years, a stunning array of illnesses and injuries have been routinely treated with adult stem cells and many more are being studied with prospects of success. Some diseases that are frequently cited as justification for embryo research are now being successfully treated with adult cells including Parkinson's disease, cancer and spinal cord injuries. Research is moving forward with diabetes that uses live donors of a type of cell called 'islet' cells that will shortly make embryo stem cell research for diabetes redundant.

As always with the culture of death, follow the money.

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