blog Time Hath Found Us: Pete and Repeat

April 01, 2005

Pete and Repeat

ABC's Nightline has long been a farcical parody of objective news reporting. Now with the announcement of the retirement of Ted Koppel, ABC is looking for a replacement. According to The New York Times, a leading candidate to fill the time slot is Ellen DeGeneres.

"Another alternative, and possibly the best one for ABC, is Ellen DeGeneres, who has impressed viewers and critics with her daytime talk show, which has as its format a comedy monologue followed by guest interviews, like most late-night shows.

A woman might be the ideal way to compete against the two male stars in late night, and Ms. DeGeneres is considered clearly the best female comic working in television."

Perfect! ABC continues the tradition of assaulting America's values of decency and family. What's more, they can make a few bucks more at the same time. Isn't that what its all about?

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