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April 08, 2005

Shelob's Lair

"Let him stay there, let him rot. Why should we care?"
The Return of the King -- J.R.R. Tolkien

In Tolkien's The Return of The King, an oppressively dark and stinking labyrinth of caves is inhabited by a monstrous spider named Shelob. Shelob feasts on the flesh of anything and anyone who dares venture in. It is a place of despair and death. Death there is not immediate. The victims are kept alive in a semi-conscious almost vegetative state until it is their turn to feed the monster.

The light of day is beginning to shine on America's own dark and stinking labyrinth of death. Places where people go to die. On the outside they are places of calm serenity. Outside, the signs proclaim "Enter and pass in a dignified, caring environment", but the signs behind the behind the doors read: "Abandon hope all ye who enter here." In addition to being places where the terminally ill go to die, they may have become places where the old, infirmed and disabled are put to be legally murdered. Behind closed doors and court orders, in the dark and away from prying eyes the innocent undesirables are disposed of.

Sherri of Straight Up With Sherri has done some digging and found some disturbing common threads between Terri's hospice and the hospice where Mae Magouirk is now being starved. Read what Sherri has found here.

***UPDATE***: BlogsForTerri has just posted a reprint of an article titled: "Is Hospice Care Safe?" from MichNews by Mark C. Abbott which reveals some startling details about euthenasia in the hospice industry.

H/T: BlogsForTerri