blog Time Hath Found Us: Stand by Tom DeLay

April 24, 2005

Stand by Tom DeLay

The hypocritical leftist meat grinder is running in overdrive. House majority leader Tom DeLay is the latest in a long line of decent people served up as the Blue Plate Special. The liberal butchers count on the fact that their opposition is ethical and in many cases will resign at even a hint of the appearance of impropriety.

Today ChronWatch has published a piece by Gary Aldrich which makes the call for all people of value to support DeLay and realize that until the left acknowledges the plank in their own eye, they have no legitimacy pointing out the mote in the eyes of others.

This is how it works: If a conservative is caught breaking the speed limit, while a married Liberal man is driving drunk with his girlfriend in the car, runs off a bridge killing her - and then he runs away and hides, then lies about the entire matter - well you see, it's the same thing. Both violated traffic laws, so there!

UPDATE: Fizzled Democratic Presidential Candidate Wesley Clark has pushed the DeLay bashing to new and surreal dimensions with this statement:

"I think that people who are charged with ethics violations in Congress should be prohibited from playing golf,"

Read about this idiotic statement here.