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April 07, 2005

Words That Kill

The good folks at CURE (Citizens United Resisting Euthanasia) have some useful resources for those wanting to know more about what is really behind the euthanasia movement.

One of the resources available illuminates the Lethal Language used to hide the truth regarding euthanasia.

"Euthanasians have very subtle language," Fr. Paul Marx, O.S.B., warns us. "And they abuse language magnificently to their own ends." Years of bedside battles waged by CURE have convinced us of the wisdom that words can kill.

Many of these terms were used extensively by the press and their quasi-expert bioethicists throughout the course of the Terri Schindler-Schiavo outrage.

Here are some examples:

"artificial feeding"
a.k.a. "artificial nutrition" to make it sound medical. "A real consensus is emerging that artificial nutrition and hydration are forms of medical treatment," a euthanasia advocate advises. My father ate slenderized meats and vegetables through his stomach tube for nearly ten years, while living in coma. That's called "artificial." What about the chemical concoction my local fast-food joint calls a shake?

"Providing food and water through a nasogastric tube is not an artificial life-sustaining treatment. Removing [the tube] results in death from dehydration and starvation and is not natural' or humane,'" Jonathan Lew concluded at the California Department of Aging.

"brain dead"
Used by transplant terminators to describe a candidate for utilitarian euthanasia who has a beating heart, circulating blood, etc., i.e., who is alive. As Dr. Paul Byrne and Fr. Paul Quay, S.J., observe, "To many, organ transplantation, per se, is commendable, but removing a vital organ from one who, if he is not dead, will certainly be dead after such removal, is not acceptable."

"death with dignity"
It is a cruel irony that death with dignity, a respect-for-life phrase, has been taken over to justify killing. (original emphasis)

This "respect-for-life phrase" was coined by the German euthanasia movement in the 1920's and appears in the seminal, anti-life classic, The Destruction of Life Devoid of Value, by Binding and Hoche. True dignity lies in living each moment of life given by God united to His Will.

Go to the CURE site and learn more.