blog Time Hath Found Us: And Ye Shall be as Gods

May 03, 2005

And Ye Shall be as Gods

The title of this post is from Genesis 3:5. It was spoken by satan to Eve. This is the passage is where the serpent deceives Eve and tricks her into eating of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. The desire to be as God is the oldest and most virulent rebellion of humanity.

Today's most graphic manifestation of the ancient rebellion is exhibited by the proponents of abortion and euthanasia. In their twisted thinking they lay claim to godhood by their ability to control the ending of life. One of the characteristics of satan is that he is a pathological counterfeiter. Since he unable to do the creative works of God, he settles on the cheap imitation of destruction. True to their father the "right to die" crowd tries to usurp God's position by choosing when to end life. In Frank Herbert's epic "Dune" books, the enigmatic Paul Atreides says: "He who can destroy a thing, controls the thing."

Brian Melton a contributor to has written a thought provoking piece: Spiritual Imperialism, Abortion, and Euthanasia

One of the reasons why the euthanasia crowd reacted so violently to calls to save Terri’s life, I think, is that for many of them it was a battle they thought they had already won, and they feared a possible counter-revolution.


Issues surrounding life and its beginning are the real “Bloody Angle” or Rubicon if you want to become a god. Why? For the simple reason that, right or wrong, all creatures have the power to cause the death of another. Committing a murder is not something that distinguishes man from beast. Creating life? Now that’s something only divinity can do.