blog Time Hath Found Us: Return of the Jedi: Profit Out of Anti-Religion Law Suits?

May 07, 2005

Return of the Jedi: Profit Out of Anti-Religion Law Suits?

The reconquista of morals in America may have begun. Next week, Rep. John Hostettler (R-Ind.) is expected to introduce a bill which would remove the profit from the ACLU's anti-religion law suits.

An Indiana congressman plans to curb the ACLU's appetite for filing suits targeting religion in the public square by introducing a bill that denies plaintiff attorneys the right to collect attorneys fees in such cases.


"Every other civil right case, there is some injury to somebody," American Legion attorney Rees Lloyd of Banning, California, told a Thursday rally in front of ACLU's Los Angeles offices. "Somebody lost their job ... somebody got beat up by authorities – they have some physical, mental, economic injury. But in an Establishment Clause case, it is someone who says, 'I take offense,' and the offense is based on religions, politics, philosophy, but there is no injury."


"The issue is about the absolute fanaticism of the ACLU and the absolute arrogance of a judiciary that says we have to wipe out of history all the evidence of our heritage," Lloyd told the Los Angeles Daily Journal, a legal newspaper.

Contact your congress person and show your support for this measure.

Sign a petition to get the ACLU off of the taxpayer's dole.

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