blog Time Hath Found Us: ACLU Threatens the State of Utah to Protect Pornographers

June 16, 2005

ACLU Threatens the State of Utah to Protect Pornographers

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This post has been bumped to the top for this week's Stop The ACLU Blogburst. Originally written on June 2, 2005 it fits this week's topic of The ACLU's Policy To Legalize The Distribution And Possession Of Child Pornography.

A Utah bill which creates an internet porn site registry was signed into law on March 22 of this year. Even before the bill was passed, "civil libertarians" were whining about "possible" first amendment abuses the bill "might" encourage.

True to form, the ACLU is following through with its threats. The Salt Lake Tribune has posted an article explaining a "coalition of attorneys'" and the ACLU's twisted logic.

Word of the impending court fight has reached Utah Attorney General Mark Shurtleff, who in response has halted efforts to implement the new law aimed at protecting children from Internet pornography.

"There will be a lawsuit," Shurtleff said. "The ACLU is the one that contacted me and let me know."

To add insult to injury, the ACLU is already in the de facto position of overriding elected legislatures by simply threatening lawsuits!

The law requires that Utah companies that create and maintain pornographic web sites label the content as harmful to minors. Failure to comply could result in criminal prosecution. That, apparently, is too harsh on the ACLU's bosom buddies in the vile pornography racket.

Lawyers for the Washington-based Center for Democracy & Technology warned lawmakers before House Bill 260 came up for a vote.

The center's attorney, John Morris, is now drafting the suit with the American Civil Liberties Union of Utah and New York City Attorney Michael Bamberger, who has previously represented Penthouse, Playboy and other publishers in similar suits.

Follow the money, there is big money in pornography, and you'll invariably find the ACLU $ucking at the teat of exploitation.

Another good read is an interview with the Pew Internet and American Life Project's Deborah Fallows. The piece is titled: "There is a special place in Hell for pornographic spam. I believe that same special place is waiting for the degenerates of the ACLU.


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