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June 16, 2005

Headless and Heartless in America

The release of Terri Schindler's autopsy report has caused the momentary public re-emergence of a disturbing segment of our society. These are people who offer opinions about the court ordered execution of Terri Schindler based not on the actual facts of Terri's situation, but on their own relativistic world view. A world view which denies the existence of moral absolutes and relies on an individual's own interpretation of the world based on feelings, moods, pop-culture, or what was eaten for breakfast on a particular day. It is a world view of which we who do not subscribe should be wary. Nothing is sacred. Nothing is right. Nothing is wrong except the heresy of non-conformity to the collective.

Yesterday (June 15, 2005) BlogsForTerri posted several articles and commentaries about the autopsy results. As expected, the usual cadre of self proclaimed libertarians, members of the Liberal Collective, necromancers and necrophiliacs let their opinions be known. As expected their rantings had little to do with reality and everything to do with rationalizing the state sanctioned (yes, the judiciary is a part of the government) disposal of a politically powerless innocent citizen.

Reasons for endorsing the acts of king George Greer ran the gamut from the ever popular who-would-want-to-live-like-that to the ever popular who-would-want-to-live-like-that argument with the occasional brilliant the government should not be involved gambit. There is an adage which says "he who can destroy a thing controls the thing." The last I saw, the government (the judiciary) destroyed Terri Schindler with impunity.

What can be done to reason with the secular relativists? To quote William F. Vallicella from his post: Leftists and Civility at the excellent philosophy blog Right Reason, "I would have to possess the longevity of a Methuselah, the energy of a Hercules, and the dogged persistence of a Sisyphus – and I still would not succeed."

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