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June 04, 2005

Scott Thomas: Guardianship Hearing Postponed

Scott Thomas, is the 34 year old Jacksonville, Florida man who sustained brain damage in his home under suspicious circumstances in September of 2004 and has been the subject of a guardianship battle between his mother and estranged wife. In October, just a few weeks after Scott's "accident", his wife Eliza tried to have him admitted to a hospice and have is feeding tube removed. After a hearing, where it was learned that the state was conducting a criminal investigation of the circumstances surrounding his injury, Scott's mother, Pamela Patton, was granted temporary guardianship for 6 months.

A new guardianship hearing which was scheduled to take place on June 3rd was postponed until June 8th because Scott's mother has hired a new attorney.

An article published in The Empire Journal, details the circumstances surrounding Scott's plight.

According to his family, Scott’s wife says that he sustained his injuries after he fell backwards in their kitchen, tripping over a dog. Doctors for the incapacitated man say that his injuries aren’t consistent with such a fall.

No one else was at home at the time of Scott’s fall. Although his wife maintains that she was in another room at the time of the fall, she also claims to have knowledge of how Scott fell.

His mother says that her son has indicated on a videotape given to police that his wife is allegedly responsible for his injuries, indicating that she allegedly intentionally struck him in the head. He has indicated that he does not wish to see her and she had not been visiting him at the rehab center.
Scott is now recovering at the home of his mother and continues to undergo therapy both at home and in outside therapy including sessions in a hyperbaric chamber. He is expected to meet with Dr. William Hammesfahr, a noted neurologist of Clearwater, next week to explore further options for treatment.
His mother says that although her son has spoken only three words since September, that he does communicate using hand signals and with his eyebrows and that he forms words with his mouth. She relates one instance when her son, who she says is somewhat claustrophobic, was to be placed in a hyperbaric chamber, he looked at her and twice said, “Mom, I want out”.
She said Scott is cognizant and the doctors have tested him, receiving correct responses about where he lives, where he went to school and other information. They have devised trick questions and phrased the questions to rule out that his responses are not simply involuntary responses.


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