blog Time Hath Found Us: The Gaza withdrawal. You can't tell the sides apart without a scorecard

August 18, 2005

The Gaza withdrawal. You can't tell the sides apart without a scorecard

Lets play a little game. I'll post some recent statements about Sharon's shameful withdrawal from Gaza and you try to guess what person or group said it.

  • A. Sharon was "very courageous" to carry out the withdrawal.

  • B. "We agree that the disengagement will make Israel stronger. ... this will bring our two countries closer together."

  • C. Israel must take further steps, including loosening travel restrictions in the West Bank and withdrawing from more Palestinian cities.

  • D. ... condemned as a "terrible act of violence" the shooting deaths of four Palestinians in the West Bank on Wednesday.

Who said it? Hamas, Abbas, Islamic Jihad?


A. - White House spokeswoman Dana Perino
B. - White House spokeswoman Dana Perino
C. - Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice
D. - White House spokeswoman Dana Perino

Our government believes that these people deserve their own state. So does the UN. I don't. I share this opinion with millions of others. Rabbi Shmuley Boteach writes that "Sharon has turned America's Christian & Jewish communities against Israel"

... Well, chalk up yet another first to this stubbornly audacious man, for Sharon is the first Israeli prime minister in Israel's history to have caused Israel's staunchest allies, America's evangelical Christians, to come out against the Israeli government.

It is indeed a singular achievement to take your greatest friends and make them into enemies. Sharon has now done this twice. First, with the settler community, who were hoodwinked into believing that Sharon was their ally. But the loss of the settler community is of little concern to Sharon, who, judging from his contemptuous treatment of them, he couldn't care less for. But when it's 80 million American evangelicals who Sharon has alienated, maybe he should begin paying attention.

The news that CIPAC, the Christian Israel Public Affairs Committee, is now pressuring Congress to reject an Israeli government financial aid request, worth $2.2 billion, to fund the Israeli retreat from Gaza, is a grave embarrassment to the Jewish state.

Consider, if you will, an enormous group of Christian Americans, patriotic in the extreme, who have tied America's future to Israel's; who believe that the foremost foreign policy of the world's foremost superpower should be to protect a small and vulnerable nation halfway across the world from the United States; who believe in Israel's blessed place among the nations; and who believe that when the United States is not squarely behind Israel it is acting immorally. Can anyone ask for more stalwart allies than these?

I agree that not one dime of US aid should be spent to abet this capitulation. Not only does it severly compromise Israel's ability to control the murderous thugs, it emboldens terrorists everywhere by sending the clear message that the west can be beaten by terror.