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August 13, 2005

Tisha' be'Av - Jewish day of mourning.

August 14th of this year is the Jewish Tisha' be'Av (the 9th day of the month of Av). Tisha' be'Av is a day set aside to commemorate woes that have afflicted Israel throughout history. Yoram Ettinger at Israpundit has posted a list of the remarkable calamities which are attributed to this day:
1. The Ninth Day of the Jewish month of Av (August 14, 2005) commemorates a series of major Jewish calamities:

*The Golden Calf (1312 BC);
*The failure of the "Ten Spies", which caused 38 additional years in the desert;
*The destruction of the First Temple (586 BC), 100,000 killed and a nation exiled;
*The destruction of the Second Temple (70 BC), 2 million killed and a nation exiled;
*The crashing of the Bar Kokhba Rebellion (135 AD), 100,000 killed;
*The pogroms of the First Crusade (1096), scores of thousands slaughtered;
*The expulsion of the Jews from Britain (1290);
*The expulsion of the Jews from Spain (1492);
*The eruption of WWI (1914)
*The end of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, and the massacre of 50,000 survivors in concentration camps; (May 1943).

2. The Ninth Day of Av is the central of the Four Days of Fast, commemorating the destruction of the First Temple: the 10th day of Tevet, the 17th day of Tamuz, the 9th day of Av and the 3rd day of Tishrey.

3. The Ninth Day of Av has been a most ignored commemoration day, in spite the fact that it solemnizes the destruction of the Temple, the destruction of Jewish national infrastructure, a 2,000 year exile, and the culmination of three weeks of national/religious predicament (Yemey Beign Hameitzareem).

4. The Book of (5) Lamentations (Megilat Eikhah) is read on the Ninth Day of Av, reminding us of the state of the Jewish Nation following the destruction of its religious and national infrastructure.

5. Emperor Napoleon was walking at night in the streets of Paris, when he heard weeping and crying emanating from a nearby synagogue. When told that the wailing and lamenting commemorated a catastrophe, which took place in 586 BC, he declared: Any People which solemnizes its ancient history in such a manner is destined for a glorious future!


Let us all pray that on this Tisha' be'Av the Israeli withdrawal from Gaza is not added to the woes commemorated in the coming years.

UPDATE: It is unconscionable that Sharon and the Israeli government are so set on abandoning Gaza to the world's most intransigent people. Adding to the ignominy of trading land for guaranteed escalation of terror activities is the brainlessness of starting the eviction of Jews on Tisha' be'Av. It is no coincidence that the timing is as it is - coincidence is not a Kosher word. Modern Israel has a choice to make. Ignore God and history and keep to the path it is currently on or turn as a nation back to God and embrace the Abrahamic Covenant. One path leads to destruction, the other leads to God's peace through strength and security. I fear that the time of Jacob's Trouble is near at hand.

UPDATE 2: Moonbat Central has posted a Gaza disengagement parable.

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