blog Time Hath Found Us: WaPo - Is this a freakin' joke or what?

August 03, 2005

WaPo - Is this a freakin' joke or what?

Drudge had it. The headline: "Documents Tell of Brutal Improvisation by GIs." I thought to myself: "No, it can't be." It is! Another weepy, whiney American-soldiers-are-just-like-NAZI's-only-worse torture news piece.
Iraqi Maj. Gen. Abed Hamed Mowhoush was being stubborn with his American captors, and a series of intense beatings and creative interrogation tactics were not enough to break his will. On the morning of Nov. 26, 2003, a U.S. Army interrogator and a military guard grabbed a green sleeping bag, stuffed Mowhoush inside, wrapped him in an electrical cord, laid him on the floor and began to go to work. Again.

It was inside the sleeping bag that the 56-year-old detainee took his last breath through broken ribs, lying on the floor beneath a U.S. soldier in Interrogation Room 6 in the western Iraqi desert. Two days before, a secret CIA-sponsored group of Iraqi paramilitaries, working with Army interrogators, had beaten Mowhoush nearly senseless, using fists, a club and a rubber hose, according to classified documents.

But wait, there's more. Don't forget to mention Abu Ghraib, Guantanamo and the Pentagon.
Other tactics, such as some of those seen at Abu Ghraib, had been approved for one detainee at Guantanamo Bay and found their way to Iraq. Still others have been linked to official Pentagon guidance on specific techniques, such as the use of dogs.

All in a single short paragraph -- brilliant! Where is the CIA?
Despite Army investigators' concerns that the CIA and Special Forces soldiers also were involved in serious abuse leading up to Mowhoush's death, the investigators reported they did not have the authority to fully look into their actions. The CIA inspector general's office has launched an investigation of at least one CIA operative who identified himself to soldiers only as "Brian." The CIA declined to comment on the matter, as did an Army spokesman, citing the ongoing criminal cases.

My goodness, this reporter has broken the cover-up torture crime of the new century, right? WRONG. This behavior allegedly did occur. The problem (from the reporter's point of view) is that those responsible are already on trial at partially open court proceedings at the Army base in Colorado Springs.

I try not to use profanities on this blog, but acronyms are fair game. WTF! Bear with me while I exercise some logic which apparently is much too deep for leftist moonbat blame-America-first reporters and their sorry sh*t-for-brains MSM employers. These are not institutionalized military torture policies - the alleged perps are on trial! The alleged misdeeds were discovered, investigated and brought to trial without any help from the anti-American press.

Granted, such a trial is news. A large question remains. What exactly is the purpose of the overtly hostile tenor with which this article was written? Is it to demoralize the troops in Iraq? Is it to demoralize the general population in the US? Is it to break down the support for the war in Iraq? Is it to provide aid and comfort to the terrorists? Is it to provide a built in excuse for the next terror attack on civilians by the Islamists? Is it all of the above? Does the anti-American left think that by kicking the same old dead horse they are going to score points with anyone other than their own, ever shrinking, incestuous little clique? You've got me. I think it is just a joke. Ha ha ha.